Day 30: Bloggers I love...

Hey! It’s almost the weekend!


Recently in my quest to be a better blogger, I have reveled into the blogosphere and found a few blogs that I love. I may not have had much communication with many of them but I really do think that they deserve more credit than they will ever know.



I love her, her honest and open discussions about memory loss is unlike any I have ever seen. A truthful representation of how any blogger should be. Making more people aware, leads to more understanding of any situation. I am so proud that twitter has allowed me to reach this blogger.


I promise I’m trying hard not to be to gushy- yes, I know I’m failing.



I am still very new to this blogger but I live for her writing and imagery. It really inspires me to do so much more. Having only briefly tweeting each other she seems to be as lovely as her writing. I can’t wait to read more.



No this girl is the most supportive, loveliest blogger I have ever met. Her blogs are amazing, I would especially look out for her travels- Budapest looked insane! Her witty anecdotes about living with her boyfriend make me cry with laughter. Definitely one to watch out for!


I know there isn’t many on here but I am trying  build up my online reading. Working full time and blogging can be difficult but bloggers like these and so many others take the pressure off. Each month I want to give a little heads up in either a blog like this or in my favourites to the bloggers, vloggers or influencers which have really helped inspire me this month.


If you know of any please don’t hesitate to leave a comment below.







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