Day 17: Time for a Spring Clean?

Hi !

So, if you're anything remotely like me, its about time you had a full Spring clean. From the wardrobe to mess underneath you bed, now is the time to tackle the mess. Here are just a few simple tips I have picked up whilst stressing over everything messy!

Its going to take time...

Unfortunately, we don't have Mary Poppins to come and click her fingers like Michael and Jane. So it is going to take a few days to get everything neat and organised. Taking two days out to give everything a good organise may seem a little weird but trust in the fact it will help in the long run.

Have a starting point.

Starting in one area and working your way  around is a great way of showing development. It can easily feel like your getting no where, when in fact the jobs nearly done. Targeting a house room to room or starting in different areas of your bed room will show you the great job your doing.

Leave your wardrobe till last..

Clothing is so difficult to get rid off! As much as giving to charity feels great so does knowing that little back dress you haven't worn since you we 16 still fits. Although, there are three essential rules I  personally think you need to follow.

1, Do you wear it ? No? Throw it.
2, Will you need it, in the future (i.e. the next season)?
3, Is it sentimental? Truly? - I have the dress I graduated in three years ago, I am NOT throwing that away! It means to much.

If you answered any of this, the put it straight back in your wardrobe!

And lastly...

When your all done and tidy, pour yourself a drink and relax. You have earned it!

I have to be honest.

I am a naturally messy person and most of the time I deal with it by making little paths to my door.
As bad as it is to admit, personally,
I do need to designate days to cleaning and really getting things tidied up.

I hope you enjoyed this open and honest blog. Please let me know if you found this helpful in the comments.

Much Love!




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